We are delighted to be working in partnership with HMR Circle (as featured in Hilary Cottam’s book Radical Help) and Community Circles to explore what makes good days for older people.

We started with the activities that HMR Circle have been using, plus ideas from our CEO Helen’s Co-production Partner – also called Helen – and now we are talking to people supported by Wellbeing Teams in Ashton in Wigan and Oxfordshire, so that we can explore their priorities, too. We will be connecting people to what is already happening in their community, as well as creating new opportunities.

Our activity sheet provides a simple talking point, and acts as a place to record information about what matters to people and what could interest them in the future. We’ve created a similar sheet for members of our team, to help us to match people who might have shared interests. These are simple tools, but they’re already proving invaluable in helping us to have great conversations with people about what’s important to them.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news as we work with people to explore what matters to them, via our Facebook or Twitter page..