Our purpose is to do whatever it takes to support people to live well at home and be part of their community.

We do this by delivering radically different care and support, but we are also committed to sharing the way we work openly – in a spirit of collaboration – so others can learn from how we work too.


Sharing our learning

In  the coming weeks we will be launching Open Teams. This will act as an open source hub for learning all about Wellbeing Teams. It will contain our internal processes and procedures (detailed in our ‘Handbooks’) as well as videos and other resources we share with our teams. We’ll be sharing the way we work in the following areas:

  • Our values
  • How we work with the people we support
  • How we work as self-managing teams
  • Recruiting people and supporting them to flourish
  • Storytelling, comms and marketing
  • Quality, improvement and evaluation

Here’s a sneak preview of the site in progress:


A two-way process

One of the advantages of open source working is that we can benefit from the generosity of others. With this in mind, we will have a platform for people who visit Open Teams to comment on our resources so we can consider their input as we produce future versions of our documents. This will make Open Teams a valuable resource for people who want to learn about us, as well as for us learning from others.


To learn more about Open Teams before our launch, please get in touch or tweet us at @wellbeingteams.