If you are interested in greater autonomy in the workplace, moving towards self-management of in any of the practices we use in Wellbeing Teams, we would love to help you.

You might want to start with Open Teams, where you can see what we use in Wellbeing Teams, and in other, innovative self-managing organisational, and listen to their stories through the podcasts there.

We offer programmes of consultancy and support in three areas:

1) Better Work Together – greater autonomy, self-management and bringing your whole self to work

We are working with The RSA, Next Stage Radicals and Enspiral to offer a range of programmes and courses to create Better Work Together.

2) Finding and keeping great colleagues

We are multi-award winning for our Value Based Recruitment and would love to help you improve your recruitment. We can also support you with person-centred teamwork, transforming your meetings using positive and productive meetings and enhancing workplace wellbeing.

3) Delivering person-centred and outcome-based support

We can help you improve your person-centred care and support planning, delivering outcomes through The Support Sequence, and using person-centred practices. Our Co-production partners can support you to embed co-production in your organisation.

Please email for more information.