For us, real wellbeing happens when we are:

  • Ensuring that people are safe and well
  • Supporting people to do more of what matters to them
  • Helping people to stay connected to others and their community

As we support ever more people to live well at home, we discover more people with shared interests. We think this is a great opportunity to help people build new relationships whilst enjoying doing more of what matters to them – helping to support two of the three pillars that make up real wellbeing.


Our Community Knitting Group takes off!

We asked people we support in Wigan what would help them to have more good days.

A number of people told us they were interested in the idea of a knitting group, and so the Wigan Community Knitting Group was born. Not only do people get a chance to do more of what matters and build connections, but because we are knitting items to donate to Alder Hey Hospital, they are making a valuable contribution to the community too.

Our first meet-ups have been a family affair too – our Wellbeing Worker Becky’s mum and auntie joined the group! This means that straight away people were able to broaden their social circle even further.


What next?

We’re exploring other group activities for Wigan too. Our next activity will be ‘Beer and a Bet’; and we’re also planning armchair yoga and meditation. To follow our progress, follow our Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram.

You can find out more about what we are doing in Ashton or even get involved with our knitting group by getting in touch with our team via email or through their own Facebook page..