Our story

As told by Helen Sanderson, Founder, Wellbeing Teams

It was two books, and on on-line programme called the Seth Godin’s AltMBA which led to Wellbeing Teams


Who we are

Wellbeing Teams was founded in 2016 by Helen Sanderson with the aim of radically changing the way health and social care is delivered.

We do this through a variety of means – from working in partnership with Local Authorities to deliver Wellbeing Teams as a local service provider, being commissioned directly by people with a personal budget or by providing learning and development for other organisations who want to learn about and use our approach. We do this through our Wellbeing Team Academy, and also through our membership sites.

Meet the team

We are a diverse, experienced team from a wide range of backgrounds; and we have many years of experience in health and social care in particular. The National Team are supported by Co-Production Partners and Advisors.

National Team

Helen Sanderson – lead for strategy and partnerships

Ben Rosamond – lead for learning and development

Michelle Livesley – lead for self-management

Cath Barton – lead for Community

Emily McArdle – lead for Compassionate Communication

Advisors and Co-production Partners

Rod Kersh Person-Centred Physician – Learn More

Andy Brogan Improvement Advisor – Learn More

Clenton Farquharson – Strategic Co-Production Partner

Neil Dunford – Co-Production Partner for families

Helen Ratcliffe – Co-Production Partner for older people

Jackie Le Fèvre Living Values Advisor – Learn More

Dom Cushnan Digital Advisor – Learn More

Martin Routledge – Policy

Angela Clarke – Advisor for Diversity

Awards and nominations