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Project Description

Helen Sanderson


What people appreciate about me

• Thoughtful

• Inspirational

• Passionate about change

• Big thinker

• Supportive

What matters to me

• To spend time with my family: have an evening or afternoon just with Andy each week; breakfast with everyone together at least three times a week and family night every Sunday.

• To be together with my big extended family for a weekend at least three times a year, and speak to or text my sisters, Nik and Mum every week.

• To work with Julie so that we have great designs and can share what we are learning.

• To spend time with the team six times a year to think together, plan and stay connected.

• To meditate and do a little yoga every day (for 10 -15 minutes) and go to the Saturday class.

• To keep learning new skills. At the moment this is around social media.

• To have a Mac computer, and have my iPhone with me at all times. To keep in touch with people through Facebook and Twitter.

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