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Project Description

Andy Brogan

Improvement Advisor

What people appreciate about me

  • I spot the simple stuff that matters
  • I make the difficult and complex, simple and engaging
  • I find different ways to look at things when people feel stuck
  • I really care about what matters to those I help

What matters to me

  • Time off with no phone, no email and nothing to do except enjoy the company of my wife (Helen) and my children (Finn and Sophie).
  • Watching Helen feeding our ducks, Betty and Bruiser (she really loves those ducks!!!).
  • Listening to Finn playing his guitar and watching Sophie singing and acting.
  • Meeting and helping people who really care about making a positive difference in the world, usually through their work.
  • Walking the talk of humane and ethical business and working with others who have the same values.
  • Having a laugh, telling it straight, expecting the same.

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