Self-management in practice

A Wellbeing Teams Programme

Supported by the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Are you curious about self-management and wondering what it is like in practice?

Perhaps you already know enough to be committed to exploring how it works and whether it could make a difference in your team or organisation?

Do you work in health and care, and want to see if self-management could be a solution to some of the challenges in this sector?

We have two opportunities for you to learn about self-management in practice. The first is a 5 week online programme, and the second is a series of one-day events on a range of themes.

Online programme

This online programme,  curated by Wellbeing Teams and supported by the RSA, will give you an understanding of how self-management works in practice. You will hear stories and see practice examples from four of the organisations pioneering this way of working in health and care, in England and Scotland. You will also hear from Susan Basterfield, from Enspiral in New Zealand, consultant and co-author of two books on self-management and next stage organisations. The programme includes two other guest contributors; Jackie Le Fevre, international values expert, and Andy Brogan, from Easier Inc who has supported three of the four organisations around governance and improvement.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in self-management and wants to learn about how it works in practice with examples of self-management in action. Although we are using health and care organisations as examples, this programme is for anyone interested in self-managed teams and organisations.

What you will learn

In this programme we will be covering:

  • How self-managed teams and organisations stay connected to their purpose and the importance of values. How values are identified and lived at an individual, team and organisational level.
  • What ‘Bringing your whole self to work’ looks like in practice from recruitment onwards. How do self-managed teams try to create psychological safety?
  • How does decision-making happen in self-managed teams and organisations?
  • How can you be confident that things are getting done if you are not using command and control? What does governance and improvement look like in self-managed teams and organisational?
  • What does self-management mean for back office functions? How does it impact on Learning and Development and Human Resources?
  • How does this fit with external regulators, like the Care Quality Commission?

What else is included

We will create an online community on the ‘Slack’ chat app for the duration of the programme, for you to connect and share with colleagues.The course fee includes three books, an individual values assessment (the usual cost is £25 per person), and a range of bespoke online resources delivered weekly throughout the five weeks.


  • Reinventing Scale-ups by Susan Basterfield et al
  • Reinventing Organisations – by Frederic LaLoux
  • Holacracy: The Revolutionary Management System that Abolishes Hierarchy


£795 per place
£695 Early bird discount for people booking by 11th March

Programme dates

The programme runs for 5 weeks, with a commitment of 2 hours a week together on Zoom, plus 1- 1.5 hours a week looking at materials. Each week there are optional further practical exercises and reflections for people who want to go deeper into the materials.

On Monday we share the week’s information. This will be on 1 – 2 pages with links to explore. It will include the questions we will invite people to explore during the live Zoom sessions.

The Zoom sessions include a 30 minute session related to the content for that week, with practical examples and case studies. This is followed by small group work (in groups of 5), in self-managed groups, to discuss questions from the session.

The person/people who present the 30 minute session are available to respond to questions through the week on Slack. If you are not able to attend any of them we will send you the recording of the session (not the small group conversations) so that you can catch up at your own pace.


Each session runs from 6  – 8pm on Wednesday evenings via Zoom. All you need is internet connection and a computer that has a camera so we can see each other.

24th April: Values, purpose and self-managing teams. How do self-managed teams and organisational keep their focus on purpose and live their values?

May 1st: Decision-making in self-managed teams. From Holacracy to the Advice Process.

May 8th: Bringing your whole self to work, flourishing, and psychological safety in self-managed teams.

May 15th: Structure, governance and organisational learning in self-managed teams and organisational.

May 22nd: Regulation and Back office functions – how does recruitment, H R, and learning and development look different in self-managed teams and organisational? How has the Care Quality Commission responded to self-management?

This schedule may be subject to slight change.

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One-day overview

If you are interested in the online programme but cannot commit to the dates and time, then this day provides you with highlights from the five sessions.

The cost of the day includes the 3 books used in the online programme.

Programme date and location
4 June 2019 near Kings Cross, London


£395 – standard price
£355 – early-bird price for people booking before 11 March

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