As part of our commitment to exploring new ways to harness technology to support people to live well at home, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with MySense.

MySense is a suite of non-intrusive devices that are installed around a person’s home, helping us to develop a better understanding of an individual’s movements and habits. This allows us to gather information about their needs and respond appropriately. If they want to, and with permission from the person, families or other important people in their life can also stay connected through the MySense app.

The sensors that come with the MySense package gather a range of data, such as a person’s heart rate, how much water they are drinking, when doors are opened and closed, and even unusual usage of day-to-day appliances such as kettles. Alerts are sent to a mobile app, or, if they are more urgent, via text message. Here’s a short video explaining one of the sensors:


We’re excited about the possibility for MySense to help us to balance what’s important to a person (in this case, being able to live independently at home) with what’s important for them (making sure they are safe and well). We recently installed our first MySense units for a person we support– the first MySense in the North-West of England. This is what the person’s son had to say:


To learn more about MySense, visit their website. You can also stayed up-to-date with the latest news from Wellbeing Teams, including the results of our MySense trials, on our Twitter page @wellbeingteams..