Future Leaders programme

Learn your way to a game-changing new role, through our free online course that you can do alongside full-time work

Do you believe that we need to reinvent the way we deliver social care?

Do you believe that better quality care and support is within our reach?

Are you passionate about making change happen?

If so, you could be an ideal candidate for our free* online Future Leaders programme. It can be done alongside full-time work.

We will teach you about how we are working to delivery large-scale change in the care and support sector, and, following this, you could even find a new role with us as a Team Coach, Community Circle Connector or Wellbeing Leader.

Get ready to change the game

We were described as a ‘potential game-changer’ in Care Management Matters magazine, and we’re ambitious about our plans to grow. As part of our game-changing approach, we’re trying innovative new ways to find fabulous people who share our values to join our team; and this is one of the key ways we’ll do it. Our values are compassion, responsibility, collaboration, curiosity, creativity and flourishing.

How it works

You will join us for an online course which you can undertake alongside full-time work (if applicable).

If, after that, you think that you are a good fit for us – and we think you are a good fit for us too – we’ll work together to explore how we can create an opportunity for you to join our team. We are not guaranteeing roles at the end of the course, but we are committed to working with successful people to expand Wellbeing Teams. When we have created these opportunities together, you can leave your existing job and join us. Three participants from our first course are employed by us working as Wellbeing Leaders and Coaches.

Working in this way means that you’ll get a real feel for how it work be to work with us, and we’ll understand what makes you tick, too. And even if you don’t take up a role with us, you’ve still learned about self-organising teams and social care innovation – so it’s a win-win situation!

What you’ll learn

The course covers the following topics:

  • Key features of self-management in Wellbeing Teams
  • Accountability and decision-making in self-managed teams
  • Building values into habits
  • Compassion in practice
  • Coaching roles and how they work
  • A fresh approach to Governance
  • Practical strategies for wellbeing in Wellbeing Teams
  • How Wellbeing Teams reflect Modern Workplace Learning principles
  • Introduction to Compassionate Communication

Time and date commitments

You will need to be available to join us for a live online video group meeting on Wednesday evenings from 6–8pm, and to commit to a further 3–4 hours of individual work each week. The next course is currently being planned, and dates will be confirmed when they are available. In the meantime, please register your interest in joining by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

What you’ll need

You need to have internet and a computer with a webcam. We use the apps Zoom and Slack on the course – these are easy to use and free. We will provide you with support to use them.


The course itself is free, but we charge for materials and resources provided. These include books, and an individual values profile through Minessence.

Apply now

If you’d like to explore being a Future Leader with us, please complete the form below to register your interest in future sessions.