In this short interview, Laura tells us about her experience working as part of our team.

What is your role at Wellbeing Teams?
I’m the Community Circles Connector working with our teams in Abingdon, South Oxfordshire. I’ve been with Wellbeing Teams for five months. As our Community Circles Connector, I make sure that every person we support is offered a Community Circle, and I play a key role in connecting people with their local communities, based on what really matters to them.

What was it about Wellbeing Teams that attracted you to working for us?
I wanted a rewarding vocation and I loved what I read on the website about what makes Wellbeing Teams different. In fact, everything was different to what I understood care work to be. In particular, I liked the idea of working around a person and having them at the centre of what was happening for them, rather than just providing a service that they had to fit in with.

Prior to joining Wellbeing Teams I worked in a residential school for traumatised children, before going backpacking for six months in South America. I then worked in an office whilst I looked for something I wanted to do. My friend had found and applied for a role with Wellbeing Teams, and when she told me the description it fitted me perfectly.

In what way is working for us different?
I have grown and flourished more in this position more than in any work I have ever done before. The potential here is massive. You can really grow into your role, and you have the yalla shoot flexibility to make it your own.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The work I do makes a difference in people’s lives. These are people that really need and deserve better, and this makes it rewarding.

What makes a good day at work for you?
I love hearing so many brilliant examples of how someone’s life has changed, and hearing about the team going the extra mile. This shows that we are doing things for people we support because we want to and we care, not just because we’re going through a checklist of tasks.

Three words that you’d use to describe working for Wellbeing Teams?
Rewarding. Important. Different.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting a career with us?
Have you ever felt that something was missing? Have you ever thought that things could be done differently? Then Wellbeing Teams could be for you. Also, if you care about making a difference to someone’s day, and want a role in which you can both work hard and have flexibility, you should definitely explore the roles available at Wellbeing Teams.

If you’d like to find out more about opportunities to join Wellbeing Teams, visit our Careers hub or take a look at our current opportunities.