In this short interview, Sarah tells us about her experience working as part of our team.

What is your role at Wellbeing Teams?
I am a Wellbeing Worker in the Wigan team, and I have been in role for about six months now.

Tell us a little about what attracted you to Wellbeing Teams.
I was – and still am – a newborn photographer (see Sarah’s Facebook page here). I applied to Wellbeing Teams as a job to supplement my income, and in fact, the hours were the first thing that attracted me. It meant that I was able to fit the job in around my other job and my family commitments.

I love feeling like I am actually helping and offering support. Someone in the team said “it’s like visiting family!”, and it really is.

In what way is working for us different to other places you’ve worked?
I don’t feel over-managed or micromanaged which is a fantastic feeling, and even though many shifts are lone-working, I feel part of a team. I always know who to contact on the team if I have any questions about what I’m doing. We’re just a team of like-minded people whose main concern is to offer good, ‘caring’ care to older people who need a little support. As part of a self-managing teams I feel much less pressured than ever before, and I also feel that we are able to play to our strengths as a team.

What makes a good day at work for you?
Sometimes I get a little extra time on my visits, and it’s lovely to sit and chat with another human being who really needs it. I love to hear about the stories and histories of the people we support, it is so interesting.

How would you describe working for Wellbeing Teams in three words?
Worthwhile, interesting, meaningful.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting a career with us?
It is absolutely worth pursuing if you are looking for a job within the care sector. As an organisation, Wellbeing Teams is very open-minded and approachable, and they care about their people.

If you’d like to find out more about opportunities to join Wellbeing Teams, visit our Careers hub or take a look at our current opportunities.