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Project Description

Rod Kersh

Person-Centred Physician

What people appreciate about me

  • Caring and sensitive
  • Quirky
  • Likeable
  • Reflective
  • Likes to have fun
  • Calm

What matters to me

  • My family are the most important thing to me in the world, my partner Annie, children Ramsay (Rami) and Catriona (Kitty). I rarely work late and spend my evenings with them talking, reading, cooking dinner, blogging or watching them watch TV. My daughter has discovered Friends and I am participating in time-travel with her.
  • My Scottish-Jewish heritage is important to me.
  • Walking Maisie my dog every day. I have a tortoise called Yoda who lives in the garden during the summer. I have a tropical aquarium and I like to watch them when not watching my family watch TV; I also love watching wild birds in my garden. You could call me a bit of an observer.
  • I love reading especially fiction – I have more books than there is room for in my house. Paul Auster used to be my favourite writer, although as I have aged my reading has become more meandering.
  • I value nature and wildlife and appreciate the changing seasons.
  • I love being creative and find new ideas stimulating.
  • I enjoy writing my blog which is a mixture of reflection, analysis and poems.
  • To work in a team where we are all on the same wave-length, all muck in, can have a laugh and a joke.
  • To lead by example by doing what I say and trusting people to do their jobs well.
  • That things are person-centred and people use plain language and avoid jargon.

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