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Project Description

Harriet Michael-Phillips

Wellbeing Academy Advisor

What people appreciate about me

• ‘Can do’ approach

• Cheerful

• Passionate

• Invests in others

• Problem-solver

• Great to share creative ideas with

• Makes people feel good about themselves

• Approachable, with inner strength

• Listens, is supporting and encouraging

• Wants to change the world!

What matters to me

• I live in a village in Buckinghamshire called Downley. I love it here, because the sense of community is so strong, with people pulling together for all sorts of reasons.

• Having a purpose; knowing that what I do makes a difference.

• Working closely with people to support them to make changes or deal with difficult situations.

• Working as part of a close, supportive team.

• I get a real kick out of creative problem solving and collaboration.

• I need to be able to spend time with my 3 daughters and my husband Rob, every day.

• I play viola in an orchestra and volunteer with a local children’s orchestra.

• I am knitting obsessed – it’s my way to relax and think through my day!

• Tell me some good news about what’s happening in your life, as I love being inspired.