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Project Description

Cath Barton

Community Circles Lead

What people appreciate about me

• Loyal

• Motivated and enthusiastic

• Open-minded and determined

• A good communicator

• Always see the positives

• Passionate about person-centred approaches

• Can-do attitude

What matters to me

• My family, Gary, Ellen and Zachary, having tea together, holidays and fresh air

• Our four year old beagle, Buddy

• Big family get togethers for birthdays and celebrations

• Swimming at least once a week in an evening

• Reading every day, usually on my Kindle and reading a variety of genres through book club

• Community Circles, being part of making a difference and seeing great outcomes for people, families and communities

• Being part of a supportive team who are passionate about what they do

• Learning new skills and feeling stretched without being overwhelmed

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