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Key roles within Wellbeing Teams

Our model is made up of a number of key roles that work together to deliver care and support. The following roles exist in all the areas where Wellbeing Teams work. To explore these and other opportunities, visit our current opportunities page.

Wellbeing Workers
At the heart of every Wellbeing Team is a team of Wellbeing Workers. The role of Wellbeing Workers is to do whatever it takes so that people can do what matters to them at home and in their community. Wellbeing Workers work in small, neighbourhood, self-organising teams.

Community Circles Connector
Your role is to ensure that each person is offered a Circle of Support, and connecting people and their teams with their local communities.

Practice Coach
Your role is to support Wellbeing Workers and ensure that they deliver compassionate, safe and person-centred practice, and that we keep learning and developing our practice. You will be part of the Wellbeing Support Team.

Team Coach
The Team Coach helps the team to keep learning, developing and improving how we focus on wellbeing and self-organising, in order to deliver their purpose and live our values.

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