We’re just a few weeks into delivering care and support for people in Abingdon, Oxfordshire as part of our partnership with Oxfordshire County Council – and we’re already seeing how Wellbeing Teams can make a real difference to the lives of people we support, their families, and the people who work for us.

These stories illustrate how.

‘Exceptional care’ for mum

We got this lovely feedback from the son of somebody we support:

“I am extremely impressed with the exceptional care with a difference that your company is giving mum. All the ladies are wonderful, but I would like to blow the trumpet for Jane who is going above and beyond. Bringing mum fish and chips was a very thoughtful gesture which made mum very happy. I now feel I can go a day without seeing mum and not worry about her welfare.”

Gemma starts a new career with a great big hug

Gemma’s not just new to Wellbeing Teams, she’s new to the sector too – starting a whole new career with us. But she made a great impression straight away!

You couldn’t ask for more…

Our Wellbeing Leader in Abingdon, Lauren, said:

“I am so proud of the team for the difference they have made in people’s lives already. The way they work together… they are so forward-thinking and can’t do too much for each other or for the people we support. You really can’t ask for more in life never mind in a profession.”

Making Joan’s day

We always spend time to learn about what really matters to people, and for Joan one of those things is getting out and about. Here is Jane taking Joan to the local market. Lauren said:

“Joan was telling [our Wellbeing Worker] Dawn about it this morning – it meant so much to her.”

Taking the time to learn what really matters to people and plan personalised care around that is just one of the 12 ways we are different.

Commissioning change

In this picture, you can see the team as they were half-way through their induction and the Director of Adult Social Care popped in to say hello.

Sara, who also works at Oxfordshire County Council, said:

“It’s so inspiring to see how they are all really loving their work, the rock solid teamwork, and the different functions they perform. There were tears of joy.”

An appreciation

Finally, a lady who we support shared some feedback  about what she appreciates from us already.

She told us that she appreciates that…

“…we all treat her like an adult and not an inconvenience.”

We value each and every person we support and work hard to make sure that we’re supporting them in a way that reflects what matters.

And that’s how we create true wellbeing.

Learn more about our work in Oxfordshire

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